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Bigham Wealth Advisory is a financial advisory firm specializing in investment services and protecting your finances and assets. Russ Bigham, the founder of Bigham Wealth Advisory, is a financial professional who is passionate about helping individuals and families achieve their ideal retirements. Transitions can be one of life’s most stressful and uncertain periods. Progressing from the know to the unknown creates an unsettling sense of insecurity. This scenario is never more evident than during the conversion from working to retirement. Bigham Wealth Advisory is here to help ensure that you and your family are guided through this time in your life with the goal of preserving your finances. 

Russ Bigham

Financial Advisor

For over a decade, Russ Bigham, founder and CEO of Bigham Wealth Advisory, has dedicated his life to helping others achieve their financial dreams. A career path that evolved after earning his Accounting degree from Colorado Technical College. With the original intention to build his career as a Tax Accountant, Russ quickly realized he could provide the most value to his clients by designing and managing full financial plans.

Growing up in the small town of Geneva in northeast Ohio, Russ learned at an early age that life is largely unpredictable. After losing both of his parents as a young teen, Russ  was hurled into adulthood with an array of responsibilities including learning how to manage finances and live on a budget. Adaptability was a necessity for navigating through such unforeseen challenges, and led Russ to view life as a constant state of evolution. No life is without challenge, but it is what we decide to do with those challenges that determine our future.

Russ’s experiences as a youth, served as the inspiration that shaped his future into a meaningful career as a financial advisor where he is able to help cultivate a level of certainty and security for others. It is by overcoming obstacles that he developed new skills and ways to serve others through helping clients navigate challenges and successfully guiding their financial journey.

His consulting approach is focused and attentive. Establishing a successful relationship built on mutual respect, trust and commitment is fundamental to his process. Each client is unique, there is not a one size fits all method to financial planning. The practice of active listening with the intent to fully understand his client’s needs and goals is essential to the development of an executable financial plan tailored to achieve each client’s specific vision of success.

Russ believes in cherishing life in the moment, but is also a fierce advocate for the value of preparedness in the controllable factors. Preparing for the worst, but always hoping for the best facilitates a higher level of peace of mind for us all when facing the unknowns that lie ahead.

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