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Craft Your Legacy with Precision Estate Planning

Ensure your wealth is preserved, managed, and distributed according to your wishes with our comprehensive estate planning services.

Navigate Complex Estate Challenges with Expertise

Estate planning can seem daunting with its many considerations. Bigham Wealth Advisory is here to address these challenges, ensuring your legacy is preserved exactly as you envision.

  • Who Will Inherit Your Assets?

    Worrying about how your assets will be distributed? We ensure your estate plan clearly reflects your wishes, providing a seamless transition to your beneficiaries.
    Plan Your Estate With Experts
  • Minimize the Tax Burden on Your Estate

    Concerned about the tax impact on your estate? Our strategies are designed to minimize taxes, maximizing what your loved ones will inherit.
    Minimize Tax Impact With Estate Planning
  • Ensure Your Healthcare Wishes Are Honored

    Uncertain about future healthcare decisions? We help you establish clear directives that respect your medical and end-of-life preferences.
    Planning Your Estate With Healthcare In Mind
  • Who Will Care for Your Dependents?

    Struggling with guardianship choices? We assist in making these crucial decisions, providing peace of mind that your dependents are cared for.
    Plan Your Estate With Guardianship In Mind
  • Safeguarding Your Business Legacy

    Own a business? We provide expert guidance on succession planning to ensure your business thrives and continues your legacy.
    Succession Planning For Your Business
  • Avoiding the Complications of Probate

    Worried about the probate process? Our estate planning services aim to streamline or bypass probate, making the transition as smooth as possible for your heirs.
    Avoid Lengthy Probate With Expert Estate Planning

Your Path to a Secure Estate Plan

Step confidently into the future with a bespoke estate plan that addresses every aspect of your legacy. Our detailed, step-by-step process ensures that your estate is managed and distributed exactly as you intend, with expert guidance to navigate the complexities of estate law and taxation.

  1. Initial Consultation

    We start with a personal consultation to understand your estate planning goals and gather essential information about your assets and family structure.

  2. Asset Review

    A thorough review of your assets is conducted to create a clear picture of your estate and identify the best strategies for asset protection and distribution.

  3. Document Drafting

    Our experts draft all necessary legal documents, including wills, trusts, and healthcare directives, tailored to your specific needs and wishes.

  4. Tax Planning

    We develop tax-efficient strategies to minimize estate taxes and maximize the inheritance for your beneficiaries.

  5. Guardianship and Care Decisions

    Guidance is provided to help you make informed decisions about guardianship for dependents and care directives for yourself.

  6. Business Succession Planning

    For business owners, we create a succession plan that ensures the smooth transition of your business according to your vision.

  7. Finalizing and Executing the Plan

    We finalize your estate plan with your approval and provide guidance on executing the plan, ensuring all elements are legally binding and in place.

  8. Ongoing Review and Updates

    Estate planning is an ongoing process. We schedule regular reviews to update your plan as your life circumstances and laws change.

Initiate Your Legacy Plan

Secure your legacy with a comprehensive estate plan crafted by our experienced advisors.

  • Client Praise for Our Estate Planning Expertise

    Hear directly from those who've entrusted us with their legacy. Our clients' stories reflect the peace of mind and satisfaction they've gained through our comprehensive estate planning services.

  • John & Mary Anderson

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    I was overwhelmed with the thought of estate planning, but Bigham Wealth Advisory made it simple and respectful. Now, I know my children are taken care of, and my wishes are clearly laid out. It's a weight lifted.

  • Michael Rodriguez

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    As business owners, our biggest concern was the future of our company. The team at Bigham provided a seamless succession plan that honored our legacy and set our company up for continued success.

  • Karen & Bill Johnson

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    Tax implications for my estate were a major worry. Bigham Wealth Advisory's strategic planning not only eased my concerns but also ensured that my family will benefit the most from their inheritance.

Expert Answers to Your Estate Planning Questions

Navigate the complexities of estate planning with confidence. Our FAQs address your most pressing concerns, offering clear solutions and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your legacy is in capable hands.

Clarify Your Estate Planning Path

If you have more questions or need detailed guidance, our estate planning experts are ready to provide you with personalized answers. Reach out to us and take the next step towards securing your legacy.

Distinctive Estate Planning for Discerning Individuals

Craft an estate plan that stands apart. Our specialized services offer personalized asset protection, tax strategies, and legal guidance to ensure your estate is managed exactly as you envision.

Immediate Assurance, Lasting Legacy

Feel the immediate confidence that comes from a comprehensive estate plan, and look forward to a future where your legacy thrives, providing enduring support and security for your loved ones.

  • Comprehensive Review: Receive a comprehensive review and analysis of your current estate situation.

  • Legal Peace of Mind: Obtain peace of mind with a legally sound estate plan in place.

  • Decision Relief: Enjoy the relief of having difficult decisions made and documented.

  • Asset Protection: Ensure the long-term protection and growth of your assets.

  • Estate Control: Rest easy knowing your estate will be managed and distributed as you've directed.

  • Legacy Confidence: Watch your legacy unfold with confidence, knowing it will support your loved ones and causes you care about for years to come.

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Secure Your Legacy Today

Don't leave your estate to chance. Take the definitive step to protect and preserve your legacy. Contact us now to create an estate plan that reflects your wishes and secures your family's future.